Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Fitted, Repaired and Upgraded by AllPlas

Fascias & Soffits

While every part of your home serves a purpose or function, there are some parts that provide you with significant benefits and you may not realise. It would be fair to say that not too many home owners pay much attention to their fascia’s and soffits but if these are not in place or they are not in good condition, you run the risk of causing serious damage to your home.

Fascias and soffits are the wooden boards that are found beneath the roofline of your property, running along the front and side of your home. They play a major role in insulating your property, preventing the wind and rain from getting into your property. At All Plas Roofing, we provide a high quality fascia and soffit fitting service that provides you with comfort and peace of mind.


All Plas repair gutters throughout Stafford and the UK. Our team are trained to the highest professional standard and all our Stafford residential gutter repair services are always carried out efficiently and professionally. We repair gutters in Stafford and surrounding areas, to take care of all your guttering repair needs. Gutters are designed to protect the foundations of your home by taking the rainwater away from the building. Leaking gutters can cause serious problems in the structure of your home and can intensify health problems due to mould growth. Call us and we will endeavour to prevent this from happening to you.

uPVC and its Benefits

When it comes to reliable fascia and soffit installation, we are the leading local experts and we provide a range of materials and colours to finish your property in great style. We believe that effective roofline fascia and soffit fitting not only enhances the look and style of your home, it will add value to your property. There are short and long term benefits to be gained from updating your fascia boards, and we are on hand to offer guidance and advice about what is best for your home.

We believe that the use of uPVC provides you with a durable and effective finish, for all box ends and bargeboards, removing the need to maintain your fascias and soffits. While many homeowners appreciate the style of traditional wooden boards, these are often compromised through exposure to rough weather conditions. The use of uPVC boards provides a stylish addition to any property that also offers long term benefits with respect to style, security and durability.
It may be that you only notice your fascia’s and soffits when there is an issue with them but at All Plas, we aim to give you one less thing to worry about.


We offer fascia & soffit replacement for customers in the UK. We always advise our customer that it is better to replace the fascia & soffit with new uPVC boards rather than repair the old timber which could be rotten. Some of the other companies will offer to over clad the old rotting timber this can cause problems in the future. The fascias we fit are made from the highest quality plastic which will not warp, crack or discolour and will last for the last 10 years and beyond. We have a expert fitting team that specialize in roofline installation, we work to the highest standards.
Our gutter cleaners are trained to the highest professional standard and our residential gutter cleaning service will be carried out efficiently and professionally. 

We will ensure very competitive pricing - all our residential gutter cleaning quotations include all repairs, labour, materials and our 12 month no fuss guarantee. We are dedicated to provide a professional, safe,environmentally friendly, high quality and cost effective service to every customer.
Making use of lightweight uPVC in order to make flaking, rusting or cracked guttering and pipe work be a thing of the past. Available in a choice of profiles (angled or rounded) and a choice of finishes, we are sure there is a product to compliment your residential home or property.